God's Own Ethics: Norms of divine agency and the argument by Mark C. Murphy

By Mark C. Murphy

each model of the argument from evil calls for a premise touching on God's motivation - concerning the activities that God is influenced to accomplish or the states of affairs that God is encouraged to lead to. the common resource of this premise is a conviction that God is, evidently, morally excellent, the place God's ethical perfection is composed in God's being influenced to behave according to the norms of morality wherein either we and God are governed.

The target of God's personal Ethics is to problem this realizing by means of giving arguments by contrast view of God as morally excellent and by way of providing an alternate account of what God's personal ethics is like. based on this substitute account, God is certainly not required to advertise the wellbeing and fitness of sentient creatures, although God may perhaps rationally achieve this. Any norms of behavior that desire the merchandising of creaturely overall healthiness that govern God's behavior are norms which are contingently self-imposed
by God. This revised realizing of divine ethics may still lead us to revise sharply downward our review of the strength of the argument from evil whereas leaving intact our perception of God as a fully ideal being, supremely precious of worship.

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